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Reasons to Join

The Florida Medical Association Alliance enriches community health by focusing on patient education and active living programs. We create long-lasting community change by providing grants to new or existing health projects. Members have the opportunity to recommend grants for health-related organizations in their community or anywhere in Florida.

Whether you attend a conference, participate on a committee, or work together on a legislative issue, Florida Medical Association Alliance membership provides a unique opportunity to interact with members from across the state. The Florida Medical Association Alliance provides expert speakers, educational sessions, and workshops to improve your leadership skill set, benefiting not only you but your county alliance as well.

The Florida Medical Association Alliance has shown that energizing its members impacts elections and public policy. Florida Medical Association Alliance is a valuable resource to elected officials and a partner to stimulate change that keeps the medical profession at the forefront of the legislature. As a Florida Medical Association Alliance member you can be a part of this influence.

About the FMA Alliance

For over 90 years, the FMA Alliance has supported Florida patients, physicians, and their families. We advance health-related endeavors and engage in legislative advocacy. Any spouse who is married to or partnered with a physician may join.

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Florida Medical Association Alliance
PO Box 353
Winter Park, FL 32790

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